5 Ways to Position Your Overqualifications During the Medical Sales Job Search

You found a great opportunity on your medical sales job search that firmly fits within your long-term career goals and you’re determined to land the job. But there’s one major problem. You’re wildly overqualified for the position.


The old adage, “one step forward and two steps back” consistently rings true. Sometimes, our career paths require us to take a step backward so that we can continue on a progressive path. But overqualified candidates often get a bad rap. 


The assumption is they’ll assume they’re entitled, ask for raises, and won’t be content until they move up. So how do you rise above that stereotype? And how do you apply for the role, land an interview, and join the team without downplaying your experience and success?


You need to show recruiters exactly what they’ll get from you — how your experience and motivation will benefit them in a long-term, growth-focused way. Here are a few tips to get you started on your medical sales job search:


Show your commitment to the role and belief in the company’s mission.


You see your future in a company that is doing work you are passionate about. Illustrate your enthusiasm for their mission and your excitement for the impact they’re making on patients and the medical community.


In fact, go further than that. Show them WHY you’re interested in their field, specifically, and how you have worked to position yourself to step into the niche that lights your fire. Let them know specifics about products and innovations they’re working on that interest you most, and emphasize your desire to learn more about all facets of the company and its impacts.

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