5 tips for setting post-pandemic career goals in 2021

The pandemic has waylaid plans and potentially derailed the career trajectories of many professionals across various industries. As the world collectively recovers from this crisis, there is an opportunity to reset career goals and emerge with a sharper focus on how to achieve success in this new environment.

“The pandemic has created a feeling of paralysis, and people don’t feel they can push forward with plans at this time because things are constantly changing,” said Nicola Simpson, an executive career coach based in London. “But we should recognise that within this experience there’s an opportunity to build one’s resilience.”

That means approaching your career goals differently in 2021. While the pandemic hasn’t necessarily changed the process of career planning, it has forced many professionals to be more intentional and proactive about reaching their goals, according to Jaclyn T. Badeau, CPA, CGMA, career coach and founder of Badeau Consulting LLC, based in Lexington, Kentucky, in the US.

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