5 Strategies to Reduce Hiring Time in Your Company

Hiring new talent is a key function of Human Resources, so the time it takes to find a suitable candidate for an open position is an important performance parameter for the HR team. Keeping the time-to-hire short is important to control recruiting costs and keep the organization running smoothly. It also ensures that you can snap up talented candidates before your competition. And closing vacancies quickly does wonders for the company’s reputation in the job market. Here are five strategies that HR managers can use to bring down hiring time almost overnight.

1) Set Up a Structured Hiring Process

Define a candidate’s typical journey from application to start date. Next, chart it out and make it a visible process that the whole HR team can understand and follow. The idea is to create an error-proof hiring process that is repeatable for all candidates regardless of the position you’re trying to fill. Establishing a streamlined hiring process will help you save precious time because your team will be clear about the next step that needs to be taken at every stage. It also provides measurable and tangible results from screening processes so you can avoid bad hires.

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