5 steps to drive employee performance through workplace gender equality

Businesses which introduce strategies to dismantle structural workplace gender inequalities often have higher levels of employee productivity and satisfaction, according to the Diversity Council Australia.

Its CEO, Lise Annese, explained that gender equality should be seen as a business tool to increase business and individual performance as well as customer diversification and market penetration.

However, equality is eluding women when it comes to pay.

Australia’s full-time gender pay gap is currently 14.1 per cent, and has remained between 14 per cent and 19 per cent for the past 20 years.

This slow rate of improvement shows that executive teams need to be encouraged by HR to embrace workplace gender equality, said Annese.

“Employers who implement equality policies will experience benefits when it comes to productivity as well as attraction and retention of talent,” she said.

“Benefits apply to all staff (not just women) as well as the organisation’s bottom line.

“Women in flexible roles (part-time, contract or casual) appear to be the most productive members of our workforce.”

Diversity Council Australia’s Inclusion@Work Index found that inclusion improves performance and benefits everyone in the workplace.

“They are also ten times more likely to be effective.”

Source - Read More at: www.insidehr.com.au

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