5 Steps to Create a Talent Strategy for Future Success

Even with COVID-19 reshaping the talent marketplace, companies are still challenged to make sure the right talent is in place for long-term objectives. Talent strategy is just as crucial as financial, marketing, or operational strategies in driving future success. The ability to develop, recruit and retain the right people—at high velocity—to fill talent gaps created by the evolving business strategy is a DEFCON 1-level priority.

When the Harvard Business Review recently asked 24 high-profile CEOs to name their biggest challenges, “talent management” topped that list. Having the right talent, fully engaged, in the right position with the right compensation, so their businesses can stave off competitors, has become a paramount concern for CEOs—an issue as likely to give them cold sweats at night as the prospect of missing their quarterly numbers. These leaders understand that their future success likely will be determined by an ability to transform their organizations not just once but continuously, and that rapidly recruiting or developing the right talent to drive those changes will be crucial. 

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