5 Steps for Hiring High-Performing Sales Reps

An article from OpenView Ventures found that north of 25% of sales reps will fail in their role. HubSpot found that it takes 18 or more calls for the average salesperson to connect with the average lead. Further, callback rates are south of 1 percent, and less than one in four sales emails are ever opened.

Suffice it to say that effective B2B sales is an uphill battle. As you begin putting together your high-impact sales team, here are five key steps sales leadership should keep in mind.

1. Hire Quality Salespeople from the Outset—and Quickly

As you begin to scale, it is critical that you hire high-quality people from the get-go. Every week that passes without your adding a new account executive to your team is another week where your competitors are making inroads against you.

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