5 Reasons for High Turnover Rates and Tips for Prevention

What has changed for your organization since the beginning of 2020? Now more than ever, employers must be more empathetic, flexible, and transparent as the workforce navigates through this sudden work-life blend reality.

An article from The Atlantic shares that when the pandemic is officially over, one in six workers is projected to continue working from home or co-working at least two days a week. Another survey conducted by Upwork found that one-fifth of the workforce could be entirely remote after the pandemic. What do these statistics mean for your organization, and how do you plan to adapt?

5 Common (but Fixable) Causes of Employee Turnover

With so much change in the workforce, a strong company culture helps employees feel grounded and secure. Company culture and employee engagement are critical for increasing productivity, reducing employee turnover, and retaining key customers.  Gone are the days when talented employees left solely because of pay. Study after study shows that many factors that contribute to employee turnover.

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