5 Leadership Styles – Which Best Suits You?

Leadership styles:


Take charge and tell people what to do.
Fit well in hierarchical organizations.
Work best when roles are highly defined.
Thrive when their expertise meets crisis or pressing challenges.

Seek input and suggestions.
Try to satisfy all parties.
Make many decisions by consensus.
Work well when time allows for their process to work.
Fit well when teams are highly competent.

Work best when purpose is clear, understood, and fully embraced by all participants.
Create environments where talented people work together to produce clear results.
Believe the action is in the interaction.
Tend to guide the process, but not get personally involved in delivering results.
Expect compliance.

Work best when the future depends on word-pictures and dreams.
Possess traits that inspire others to commit and follow.
Require a team of skilled managers to scale and execute the vision.
Tend to dominate interactions.

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