5 Inside Sales Compensation Plan Examples That Will Motivate Your Reps to Win Revenue

These inside sales compensation plan templates will help you motivate your reps to peak performance.

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WE always know when a company decides to cap their commissions, because their top producers start to call, saying they want to jump ship.


I think it is a pretty fair statement that nothing you can do will destroy a star players motivation  more than announcing that regardless if they are at plan or 200% OVER their quota, they will be rewarded with the same amount of money.


Peak sales performers are a unique breed of employee, with strong intrinsic, competitive motivators that need to be acknowledged and appealed to in order to keep them content and most importantly, engaged.


We are often asked what types of compensation  plans make the most sense and I think this article,  which clearly outlines the 5 most common ones may be helpful in building those all important  sales payment models.


Once you have a solid comp plan in place that will serve to motivate and reward peak performers, give ISC a call if you want to see a strong group of sales candidates for all of your critical hiring needs. ISC Sales Recruiters