5 career mistakes real estate agents should avoid making

Anyone starting a new job is bound to make some mistakes along the way.


But in real estate, some mistakes can be costly – like losing your real estate license.


Owner of Specialist Property Recruitment, Sharon Bennie shares some of the biggest blunders real estate agents can make in their careers, so you can avoid making them too.


1. Not choosing the best agency


Anxious to get their careers off the ground, many newbie agents often make the mistake of not choosing the best agency to work with.


"From a recruitment perspective, I feel the biggest mistake would be choosing a less than ‘best in market’ agency to commence your career with," Bennie told WILLIAMS MEDIA.


"You learn so much in your first role, ranging from negotiation and dialogues, through to ethics, legislation, standards, that will hold you in good stead for the rest of your career, even if you choose to move on later."


Make sure you begin your career with a reputable and well respected agency.


Whichever agency you choose, good marketing resources, admin support and training facilities are essential.


2. Losing your license


When you’re a real estate agent, there are two licenses you can’t afford to lose – your real estate license, and your drivers license.

"It would be a career destroying mistake," Bennie said.


Fortunately, you would have to have done something really terrible to lose either license – so it’s definitely not an easy mistake to make.



Permitting you follow industry practice and don’t mis-quote or misappropriate funds, your license should be safe.


3. Failing to network


We’ve all heard "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know" and this certainly rings true for the real estate industry.


Relationships are everything in real estate, so you can’t afford not networking.

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