5 Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In 2020, more tech companies are expected to make use of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Due to a critical shortage of software engineers in the USA, IT companies need external help. Very often they look to outsourcing opportunities, and this is the right time to partner up with a recruitment agency that will find IT talents offshore. In this article, we’ll speak about the top 5 benefits of RPO for tech companies and why you can’t do offshore IT recruitment by yourself.


#1: Faster Recruitment

Recruitment agencies have many sources to search for the right candidate, including their own huge databases. They also have an extensive network which enables them to speed up the recruitment process. While researchers are scanning the labor market, recruiters conduct job interviews. As a result, the whole RPO takes far less time than in-house recruitment.


#2: Reduced Costs

If you calculate the cost-per-hire, it’ll be different for recruitment agencies and in-house efforts. Normally, with an outsourced recruitment, tech businesses are able to save money and time. Instead of paying monthly salaries to their in-house recruiters, IT companies pay single fees only for hired employees. Consequently, you pay for the result.


It is important to mention that RPO doesn’t overtake the internal HR responsibilities. Your in-house HR managers still perform all functions needed for successful operation of your offshore team. This includes onboarding, corporate culture, education & trainings, employer-employee relations, employer branding, etc. Recruitment outsourcing only handles the recruitment part while your HR department maintains the core business function

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