4 Ways to Be a Recruiting Ghost Buster 

Picture this scenario: After investing a lot of time and energy, you’ve finally found an ideal candidate for the job. You schedule an interview, but at the agreed-upon time, your candidate is a no-show. And they don’t respond to your subsequent calls and emails.


You’ve just been “ghosted” — and it’s happening all too often to recruiters like you.


A relatively new phenomenon with roots in online dating, ghosting is now happening to employers everywhere. Many report candidates suddenly going silent or skipping out on interviews; other times, new hires don’t even show up on their first day. Yet few employers have developed tactics to stop ghosting.


What’s more, this practice isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon: Most job seekers who ghost don’t experience any repercussions. Some even say ghosting is justifiable, having often ended up in their own job search black hole.


To learn more about ghosting and how to stop it, Indeed surveyed 4,000 job seekers and nearly 900 employers across multiple industries in July 2019. The survey asked general questions about ghosting, then followed up with respondents who have experienced it from either side. Based on this data, here are four “ghostbusting” strategies to help recruiters reduce the risk of disappearing candidates.


1. Communicate clearly, early and often.
Ghosting is alarmingly widespread: A whopping 83% of employers in Indeed’s survey have been ghosted by job seekers. Among them, 64% say candidates suddenly stopped communicating and almost 60% report candidates who accepted a verbal offer and then vanished. And 65% of employers who’ve experienced ghosting say a candidate didn’t materialize on the first day of work.

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