4 Ways Executives Can Attract Top Talent

When asking college seniors where they want to work, their first responses might be Apple or Nike or Disney. The same might apply amongst any cohort you ask to list a company they want to work for, but it’s not because they have the best employer brand. All brands started unknown and had to build a reputation, a pattern of success in their industry, and a positive experience for users. All companies no matter their size, go through a version of this with hopes of winning more customers and earning more loyalty for their brand than the competition. To be successful, they must show how they are different and deliver what the customer is looking for. 

When your company is hiring, the same principles apply. You need to attract candidates, offer something candidates want and need, and do something better than your competitors. If your company has a smaller footprint, or does not produce household products or services or have an instantly recognizable brand, it can be more daunting to try and compete with large household names that attract thousands of candidates eager to get a big brand on their resume. It can be a challenge at times, competition is steep, and top talent has a lot of choice in the market—but it is not hopeless. While your talent acquisition function must focus on intentional planning and setting expectations for what you can offer candidates (your employer brand), you as an executive have an important role to play as well. 

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