4 Telltale Signs Your New Business Venture Would Benefit from an Executive Recruiter

Starting a new business is a challenging process. There are a multitude of factors that will dictate whether your fledgling endeavor is one of the countless start-ups that never get off the ground, or one of the few that achieve success early on. Regardless of what product or service you choose to sell, office location, targeted demographic, etc. etc. there is one factor that consistently proves to be the most important in terms of predicting success. And that critical component of taking your dream from inception to success will be hiring the right team.

Today, we take a look at how professional search consultants can dramatically increase your chances of building a successful company.

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You Want to get a Jump Start Right out of the Gate!

Unless you are able to start a business using your own existing contacts and relationships, the ideal scenario is to pull top talent from direct competitors.

The single most powerful contributor to early success is having someone on your team that is well-connected within the market, who can drive revenue from day one. Having the opportunity to bring someone like this on- board early on is quite literally priceless, and a good executive recruiter can do this for you.

Smart entrepreneurs budget in recruiting fees as part of their initial seed money, in order to hire the best of the best from day one.


You Need Specific Skill Sets

The first step in building a winning team is determining the specific skill sets and experience you need. In today’s candidate driven market, identifying and landing exceptionally qualified candidates can be challenging. The more specialized the skill set needed, the tougher it will be. Suppose your organization runs on or uses technology or tools that require specific types of knowledge or certificates to operate properly. In that case, you will benefit from the help of professional search consultants.

While generalized roles will typically be easier to find fits for, specialized roles will be harder to find qualified applicants for. You are likely to come across many people who somewhat fit the role but to find the perfect fit; you will benefit from professional help.

Having a recruiter that specializes in your industry, that can deliver peak performers with specific skills can be a game changer, saving you both time & money.


You Have Multiple Hiring Needs

Utilizing 3rd party recruiters to identify, screen and deliver qualified individuals for high volume hiring needs makes sense for many reasons. There are a vast array of amazing tools these days that allow recruiters to be very strategic in their recruiting methodology. These tools are incredible, but costly. It makes a lot of financial sense to have a recruiting agency, that already invests in this cutting-edge technology and has an experienced team of recruiters ready to dive in, fill these roles for you, as opposed to hiring internal recruiters.

Outsourcing high volume recruiting needs to an experienced recruiting team can provide your hiring managers with a strong pool of uniquely qualified candidates very quickly. They will help manage the process, and often times provide interview questions, insights into motivators that help land your ideal candidates when it comes time for offers, etc. etc.

When you have hiring needs you can utilize executive recruiting services, and when you do not, they are off working on other searches, and you are not incurring any expenses whatsoever related to recruiting.

Experienced recruiters can also ensure that your company is following EEOC hiring regulations, provide weekly tracking reports, etc. etc.

Hiring professionals that have a track record of success is not only fiscally smart but also will ensure that your leadership can focus their energies on the myriad of other tasks that require their attention.

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Your Industry is in a State of Flux

Over the past few years, many different industries have gone through or are currently going through major changes. With the current pandemic, these changes have been amplified, across the board.

Such dramatic all-encompassing changes can rock individuals who have been doing things the same way for years or even decades. One thing the current pandemic has shown us is that some individuals are much more adept than others to have the emotional flexibility as well as the ability to make changes on the fly to achieve end results. A skilled executive recruiter can help you find the right fit for the evolved role without you needing to go through a trial-and-error period.

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