4 of the Latest Trends in Recruitment

The last decade has shown some rapid changes in recruitment as companies have fully embraced technological advances. These advances empower recruiters and shape their strategies in hiring the best candidates.

The most prevalent change is the shift from phone screenings and paper resumes to video interviews and skills assessment. Still, recruitment professionals have developed more proactive recruitment strategies and here are the latest trends:


Going Digital

According to Inc.com, millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Soon, Gen Y and Z will join them. This is significant as these new waves of suitable candidates are digital natives. They will most likely rely on their mobile devices when making decisions.

Now, candidates will less likely know their way around administrative hoops and more likely to fill out online application forms. There’s also a growing trend for companies to meet candidates halfway and offer more flexibility and functionality.

This is to say that company websites must be mobile-friendly. By making the application process easier for applicants with a straightforward webpage, you can engage them further with your brand and entice them to join your brand.


Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is the use of digital marketing strategies, data analytics, and hyper-targeted messaging to actively market your brand. By establishing company culture and brand and promoting them, you can attract the most appropriate candidates.  It’s certainly recommended if a business has a vacancy for a niche role, for example, the data engineer in the fintech industry in the capital, that you hire a fintech recruitment agency that has expert knowledge and engages the right candidates, efficiently and effectively. This is even more important to do if you are running a startup business as repeating the whole process because you have not retained staff can make you leak budget you don’t have, getting the recruitment process right the first time is essential.

Since applicants search for job opportunities the same way customers purchase products, you need to maximize online sources and improve public feedback. You should also take advantage of social media sites where your target audience is frequenting like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Promoting brand, especially brand culture can set you above the rest. The best site to promote your company brand and connect with potential talents, however, is LinkedIn, so it’s worth investing time or a social media specialist to this.


Inclusion and Diversity

Recently, there has been a high demand for diversity in workplaces. Workplace diversity refers to the idea that the company should reflect the makeup of the society around it. It requires the staff to consist of people from different experiences and backgrounds.

This problem, along with the changing workforce demographic, forces employers to step up their recruitment game. Thus, companies can no longer ignore their demand for a more diverse work environment.

Diversity recruiting does not only refer to hiring candidates free from any bias. It is also a structured inclusion strategy to ensure that the workforce reflects the customer base of the company. After all, a diverse team is a more innovative one, helping achieve better results.


Use of Technology

One way technology has progressed in the recruitment industry is the use of recruitment software, such as sophisticated applicant tracking systems that can reduce the time spent on tedious recruitment processes such as advertising, filtering, managing candidates and marketing your brand, all at the same time. Using a tracking system saves businesses time and money and can improve the candidate experience. Then, there’s predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is used in making predictions using historical data and patterns among applicants. This is a more reliable alternative to intuition-based interviews and C.V screenings. To use this, however, you need to have a smart algorithm and rich data.


The Bottom Line

Knowing the latest trends in recruitment will help attract the most ideal candidates using the most efficient methods.

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