3 Things Companies Do to Build an Exceptional Culture

Exceptional workplace doesn’t happen by accident.  It starts with a clearly defined vision that includes the company’s core values, a detailed description of what each of those values means on a day-to-day basis, and a system for measuring  whether or not the people in the organization are living those values.


I refer to this plan as a culture blueprint, and it’s critical to the creation and scaling of your company’s culture, just as an architect’s plans are to the building of a skyscraper.


Done correctly, it serves as a North Star to the senior management team as you hire and manage the company’s workforce. Without it, you’ll end up building something that’s likely to collapse under its own weight.  

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Company culture is incredibly important ,and far too many companies fail to invest the time and resources to create a positive one. 


Make no mistake …every single company HAS a culture, regardless of weather you try to create one, or not. 


What is yours?