3 Recruiting Strategies to Help You Avoid Losing Diverse Talent in the Funnel

A diverse workforce is a “must have” if you want your business to succeed. Hiring diverse talent is a great way to share unique experiences, drive innovation, and recruit other diverse workers. As the population becomes more diverse, it makes sense that the workforce should represent this diversity as well. Yet, many employers are missing the mark, and diverse candidates seem to be getting lost in the recruiting funnel.

Where Is Diverse Talent Falling Out of the Funnel?
There’s good news and bad news. First, the good news: Diverse candidates ARE actually making it into your recruiting funnel. But the bad news is that they don’t make it very far. If the top of your funnel is “getting candidates to view your career site,” you’re losing them at the next stage: APPLYING after viewing your career site.

According to PathMotion’s new eBook, Diversity Recruiting: What’s on Candidates’ Minds?, 57% of talent acquisition (TA) professionals say they believe they’re losing candidates at this stage because their career sites don’t display a diverse and inclusive workforce. Additionally, these respondents also suggest that diverse talent is dropping off because candidates aren’t getting the information they need when researching a company.

As the title of this article implies, we have three strategies to help you, and if you haven’t already figured it out, updating your career site is number one.

1. Highlight Your Diverse Workers on Your Career Site
When diverse talent goes to your career site, they’re looking for answers to these specific questions:

Am I eligible for this job?
Where do I fit in?
What is the work environment like?

Each question can be applied to specific groups of diverse workers. For example, workers who are concerned they may be too old/young for the job, may not have the education required, or have a criminal record usually want to know: Am I eligible?

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