3 Dumb Sales Training Moves Even Smart CSOs Make

We’ve talked with many sales leaders over the last few weeks about sales training. Pressure to hit the 2018 number, competitive headwinds, and more demanding buyers are common themes. More than ever, CSOs have carte blanche to give their teams the skills and resources to win.

Don’t get us wrong, we love helping companies improve their sales performance. And sales training can be a powerful weapon in any CSO’s arsenal. But we’re increasingly frustrated by the abundance of bad decision-making when it comes to sales training. CSOs under pressure are especially vulnerable.

Helping companies avoid sales training missteps is our mission. But being a zealot around this cause can have consequences. Since the start of 2018, we’ve walked away from a few major projects because of misalignment. We couldn’t in good conscience be a part of programs that would fail to deliver desired results. The sales performance battlefield is riddled with too much collateral damage. 

Reflecting on these discussions, we find three common sales training mistakes made by many CSOs. Unfortunately, even the best and brightest sales leaders can fall victim.

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