17 Sales Skills Every Sales Manager Must Master

Sales managers are some of the most valuable people in any business. Superstar sales managers contribute their unique skills to drive profits and take businesses to new heights


Ready to join the elite? Here’s a closer look at 17 essential sales skills that can help you become an amazing sales manager.

17 Sales Skills You Should Master

Let’s jump right into the action, and check out the best skills for sales managers. This list will also show you how to sharpen them.

1. Recruit and train the right salespeople.

The right salespeople can make or break a sales department. Master sales managers are able to spot and nurture the right sales talent. So they need to be able to enhance the performance of their department.


But there are no easy tasks in sales. It’s a tough job that requires a blend of unique personality traits. So sales managers have to hone their people skills and spot these traits in people.


How to find and hire the best salespeople


You should try to develop close ties with HR, in order to develop a rigid recruitment funnel and sharpen your recruitment skills. It’s also important to learn to carefully consider your team and identify the profiles you need. To nurture your team, check out our list of the 30 best sales training courses.

2. Analyze the performance of your team.

Sales is a field that’s driven by quantifiable statistics. The best sales managers can interpret the numbers to find out how their team is performing. 


To guide their decision-making, sales managers should look at the right statistics. For example, a sales manager might find that productivity is lower than expected, so he or she can make an effort to try to resolve the issue.


How to analyze the performance of your sales team


First and foremost, you should take stock of the tools you’re using. Can those tools give you the data you need? In order to find out, you should develop an understanding of a way to assess these numbers and respond appropriately.

3. Create and implement a sales strategy.

Since sales managers have expert knowledge about their organizations, the rest of the team looks to them for a great sales strategy. The best sales managers are able to create clear, accurate plans that eliminate chaos and improve results.


Sales managers should understand both sides of a sales strategy. On one hand, they should understand the purpose of the sales strategy. On the other hand, they should understand ways to create this strategy. 


How to improve your sales strategy


Lots of resources out there can help you create a fantastic sales strategy. You should explore these resources and learn ways to package and present your strategy. This guide to building a sales strategy is a great place to start.

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