17 Closing Lines Completely Sabotaging Your Outreach Emails

I read more than 100 outreach emails last week looking for examples for a post on powerful closing lines. But instead of inspiration, I mostly found examples of what not to do.

A bad final line can completely wreck your email. 

The takeaway: If you want buyers to take you seriously and follow your call-to-action, you can’t screw up the last sentence. Read on for the lines you should never use again.

Source - Read More at: blog.hubspot.com

I recently posted an article on the BEST email ‘sign offs’ and received a slew of other suggestions, which unfortunately were examples of what NOT to close your correspondence with. I then came across this short read, which highlights some of these bad choices, & most importantly, tells us WHY they are not what you want to end your note with, if the goal is to move the discussion forward.


Research shows that the final line is the most memorable element of the entire message. Knowing that, isn’t it important to really give some thought to what you are going to leave as a lasting impression?   


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