11 Things to Never Say During Your Performance Review

Between the feeling of being thrust into the spotlight, the one-on-one setting with your manager and the gravity of what’s at stake, performance reviews can feel pretty uncomfortable. And when you’re made to feel uncomfortable, sometimes you aren’t always the most conscious of (or careful with) your words. But if there’s one time that you want to communicate effectively, it’s then. After all, your performance review is often the one chance you get to push for a raise, secure a promotion or even save your job.

To make sure that you don’t unintentionally sabotage yourself, we’ve put together a list of things that you’ll want to avoid saying. Steer clear of these words, and you’ll be that much closer to passing your performance review with flying colors.

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We hear from managers all the time that they would much prefer to have a struggling employee get up to speed, as opposed to having to terminate them, and then start the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. 


The main thing that supervisors are looking for when they conduct a performance review, is to determine if THE PERSON is COACHABLE? 


How you approach and react to constructive criticism will often times determine how your manager decides to proceed. 


If you are open to suggestions for improvement, acknowledge any shortfalls and vow to make some changes, you can often times turn things around.


However, those folks that react to input with a defensive attitude, will not get far in their career. Some people choose to take input and act on that information in a positive way, while others appear to have an extremely hard time receiving feedback that is anything other than overflowing with praise. It behooves everyone to give some thought as to which of those two types they are, and strive to be the one that is open to suggestions on how they may be able to improve.   


Check out this short article that provides 11 things that you should never say during a performance evaluation.