100 Sales Questions to Truly Understand Your Prospects’ Pain

At the heart of every sale is a thorough fact-find. You’ll want to unearth the needs, the wants, and the desires of your prospect so you can present your products and solutions in a way that will be of benefit to them. And the only way that you can do this is to ask quality sales questions so you can really find out what their current situation is, what their requirements are, and what they are looking to achieve.

Remember, your prospects want a good listening to, not a good talking to! They don’t want to just sit there listening to your monologue of why your products and services are the best. A prospect wants to know that you understand their situation in detail.

Chances are, your competitors are asking questions, but they’re only skin deep. Instead, you need to drill down to the root causes of the issues your prospects face at a much deeper level and demonstrate your expertise on the subject.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 100 sales qualifying questions you can ask buyers to get intimately familiar with their situation and formulate potential solutions.

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A wise sales trainer once told me that you can always find the answers, provided you ask the right questions.  


Becoming proficient with qualifying questions, that you can easily add to your conversation, is a vital sales tool that will put you miles ahead of your competition.


In fact, I would say if there was one single factor that determined if someone was going to be an okay sales person or a superstar sales pro, it would be their ability to ask qualifying questions and then LISTEN to the answers, for indeed these answers are the most important piece of information your prospect can give to you.  


It seems that I get calls daily from vendors that dive immediately into their pitch, without ever taking the time to ask me what I  WANT..or more specifically, what I NEED


What is the one thing that I desire above all else when it comes to telecom services, payroll services, etc. etc.?  On the rare occasion that someone actually does ask me my favorite question, they earn the most valuable thing that I have to offer…my time,  to share my unique set of circumstances, and then my attention in listening to their proposed solution.    


Take the time to read and commit to memory this list of 100 sales questions that will help you qualify your prospects needs, pinpoint their pain points, and then enable you to come to the rescue with your solution.