10 Unique Characteristics of Top-Selling Salespeople

Have you ever wanted a peek inside the mind of a top salesperson? Although every rep has their own unique selling style, strategy, and process, their mindsets are surprisingly similar.

“Success in sales is 90% mental.”

If you want to improve your chances of hiring a star performer, check out your candidates baseline characteristics and see how they match up against these proven 10 characteristics that we consistently see  in high performing sales professionals. 

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There have been countless articles written about the most common HABITS of successful sales people. Lately there have been some fascinating studies done on the science of intrinsic motivators….those inbred characteristics that drive some people to succeed. Any seasoned sales manager will tell you that while you can train many selling skills, you simply cannot train ‘fire in the belly’.  As one of my all -time favorite trainers ( Steve Finkel) once told me, you cannot pour a gallons worth of knowledge into a quart container. Being able to decipher someones innate abilities, can give you a huge edge when making hiring decisions. We advocate using Predictive Testing/  to evaluate a candidates innate drivers and see if they match up with those known predictors of star performers.