10 Traits of Managers Whose Teams Are Happy to Come to Work

The last thing any manager wants their team members to do is dread coming to work each day. Because people spend the majority of their time at work, it is important managers do all they can to make that time enjoyable, exciting and well-spent.

A dictatorial manager who lacks empathy or insight may produce but high turnover will cause them to ultimately fail.


Excellent managers do their best to make 80 percent of the job rewarding, with a 20 percent balance of healthy stress. While this may not always be the possible, it is nonetheless their goal.

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Mirror what you want your team to do….if you want an enthusiastic team, be enthusiastic! You want your team to take the initiative and work to improve their skill set? Do the same. 


We would  all gain by printing this check list of 10 traits that we should ALL be doing on a daily basis, as a terrific reminder of what to strive for .  


It is not realistic to expect direct reports to exhibit behavior that their managers do not do.


The old adage is true, for so many reasons…..the best way to lead, is to lead by example.