10 Random Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do On LinkedIn

Are there certain functions you wish LinkedIn had that could help you manage your network better?

Or are there things you’ve heard you may be able to do on LinkedIn but have no idea where to look for them?

LinkedIn has a number of features and functions that you might not be aware of, which you can use to personalize and improve your user experience.

Combined with the extensive security and personalization ability available in the LinkedIn Privacy & Setting page, here are 10 functions or features that you might not know of that LinkedIn offers, to provide you with a better, more personalized user experience.

Each day I receive messages asking me how to do one thing or another on LinkedIn. I have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers.

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Another fantastic article by Melonie Dodardo, offering 10 illustrations with easy to follow steps on managing and MAXIMIZING your Linked In account.