10 Deal Killers in 2018

The calendar has quickly turned to February. Sales teams are shaking off their SKO hangovers and back building pipeline and closing deals. We’ve been busy in the field, too. During the past month, Brevet has conducted over client 100 ride-alongs and sales call reviews. We’ve been alongside reps in such diverse sectors as tech, healthcare, services, and distribution.

Our consultants recently got together to compare notes: What are we seeing? Where are reps struggling? And most importantly, how confident are we that sales teams will hit their number in 2018? Comparing notes, we’re seeing some troubling early indicators.

Fresh from the field, we’ve compiled our top 10 list of 2018 deal killers. Going forward, we’re confident that the teams we observed will steer clear of these pitfalls. But our observations in January give us pause for others.

To make the 2018 number, leaders and enablement must prioritize helping their teams avoid these far too common issues:

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