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75 One-Sentence Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

Just as the best athletes constantly practice, improve, and refine their strategy, successful salespeople are always experimenting with existing techniques and trying out new ones. After all, the second an athlete or rep stops striving to get better, they backslide.

Check out these 75 one-sentence tips to keep you in peak selling shape. Whether you want to focus on your presentation skills, your approach to calling prospects, your methods for closing, or all of the above, you’ll find some great words of wisdom in this list.

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This one is worth printing!


75 brilliant tips to increase your selling skills.


Check out this quick read to learn important facts such as …50% of targets open emails on their phone, and if your subject line has more than 7 words, it will not show up…take 2 minutes and then print this one out…you will find yourself constantly referring to it, I know I do.  

15 Dumb Sales Questions Smart Reps Ask

Let’s be real: Most salespeople are annoying. They view their prospects as numbers in their sales funnel, not as people. They believe earning your business is a chess match and a signed contract means they “won the game.”

However, the average prospect doesn’t know how to purchase anything that falls outside their area of expertise. Think about it. Do you really know how to buy a TV? Do you know what precise technical questions to ask? You’d probably like some help, right?

But when the salesperson at the electronic store asks if she can help, what do you typically respond with? “No, I’m just browsing.”
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The cat-and-mouse game buyers and salespeople play has created an unproductive, competitive environment that doesn’t benefit either party.

One of the most common culprits? The questions you’re asking your prospects. Luckily, once you know where you’re going wrong, you can course-correct. Stop asking these 15 common questions — or at the least, rephrase them.

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If you have chosen to have a career in sales, you should always actively be working on attaining mastery in your chosen profession. A  good sales professional has virtually no cap on earning potential, but it takes more than practice to attain mastery. Top salespeople continuously develop and refine sales skills through learning — with the help of a coach, trainer, manager, or on their own. Don’t you think asking great questions is one of those critical skills? Check out this terrific  article which proposes a fundamental shift in how to approach  your targeted audience, highlighting the most commonly used sales questions and most importantly, offering different ones that are bound to lead to better results.  

5 Phrases That Are Poison to a Sales Conversation

Salespeople entice prospects to book meetings with them based on their words, either spoken or written. With this in mind, word choice is incredibly important to be effective in sales. While an emotionally charged phrase might compel a prospect to sign the contract, an off-putting word could kill the opportunity.

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Like most business owners, I receive dozens of sales calls per week, and a solid 99% use one of these 5 phrases as an intro to the call. Most every salesperson I come into contact with is guilty of using one of these words or phrases if not more on a consistent basis. Becoming  cognizant of the negative effects these commonly used  phrases have on your ultimate goal of engaging your potential client, and then practicing the alternatives listed below, should dramatically increase the response rate with prospects — not to mention, your sales.