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75 One-Sentence Sales Tips Every Rep Should Know

Just as the best athletes constantly practice, improve, and refine their strategy, successful salespeople are always experimenting with existing techniques and trying out new ones. After all, the second an athlete or rep stops striving to get better, they backslide.

Check out these 75 one-sentence tips to keep you in peak selling shape. Whether you want to focus on your presentation skills, your approach to calling prospects, your methods for closing, or all of the above, you’ll find some great words of wisdom in this list.

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This one is worth printing!


75 brilliant tips to increase your selling skills.


Check out this quick read to learn important facts such as …50% of targets open emails on their phone, and if your subject line has more than 7 words, it will not show up…take 2 minutes and then print this one out…you will find yourself constantly referring to it, I know I do.  

13 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Check Out

After a long day at the office, Netflix is usually more appealing than cracking open a sales book or streaming a sales training video on YouTube.

Fortunately, there’s a simpler way to learn new sales techniques without having to set aside extra time in your day — through podcasts.

The next time you’re walking the dog, commuting, exercising, cleaning, or doing any other task that doesn’t require mental energy, pop in your earbuds, press “Play,” and learn from sales leaders and experts.

Here are 13 sales podcasts to get you started.

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A career in sales should entail an ongoing quest to perfect your selling skills. A true sales person is always  hungry to perfect their craft, and to add to their skill set. Here is a terrific list of 13 quality podcasts that you can easily plug into at your convenience, to learn some valuable selling skills. 

How to Effectively Answer, “Why Should I Do Business With You?”

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve likely received some form of, “Why should I do business with you?”

When most salespeople hear this question, they go into tap-dance mode and immediately list all the reasons why they’re great: “Our company is the best, our service is outstanding, we’ve been around for 100 years, and we have the best quality.”

Of course, your prospect expects you to say this, because your competitors are using this same response.

Think about it — everyone claims to have the best quality and service, even if it isn’t true. Read on to learn how you can switch up your approach, dominate the competition, and capture your prospects’ attention when they ask, “Why should I do business with you?”

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Fantastic article that highlights the wisdom of flipping roles between a sales person and the potential customer. By switching things up and rather than immediately going into your sales pitch, by first insisting on qualifying the buyer, in order to verify that you truly understand their pain points and can honestly deliver a solution, puts you miles ahead of your competition.