International Search & Recruiting Services

We make it easy for you to fill your international sales positions.

International Search imageIf you are a company with a global presence, looking for candidates to fill your international positions, then ISC is the company for you. We are proud of our stellar placement record in meeting the needs of international clients since 1999.

Whether you are a US based company who has staffing needs abroad, or if you are a foreign company who wishes to expand into the United States, ISC can help.

Our headquarters are in Austin, TX, and we have satellite offices in Ann Arbor, MI, Tempe, AZ, Denver, CO, Erie, PA, San Diego, CA, and a branch office in Bogota, Colombia fully staffed office.

Not only do we make it easy for you as a client to find the right candidates for your international positions, we make it easy for the candidates to find us so we can present them to you. We do this by using technology that allows us to activate local landlines within 24 hours of receiving a job order. This makes it easy for candidates in other countries to call a local phone number and talk with an English-speaking ISC professional. From Dubai to El Salvador, potential international candidates can call anytime and a recruiter will be able to speak to them, regardless of the time zone.

Hiring international candidates becomes as easy as hiring local ones since we do the groundwork for you. You just interview qualified candidates who we provide in a timely manner and choose the one who best fits your hiring management needs.

Whether you are looking to fill nationwide or international positions, ISC offers:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • One point of contact for even large volume recruiting needs
  • The skill to bring in direct competitors’ top people to the interview table
  • Qualified candidates in a timely manner for hard-to-fill positions
  • Established relationships in many industries to source top candidates
  • Successful track record in the Executive Search industry since 1999.

Hiring international candidates is as easy as hiring local talent because we do the groundwork for you.