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“Overqualfied” Applicants Often Overachieve

While established businesses usually will consider only experienced applicants in their search for Finance Department employees, they may consider too much experience a negative trait “Overqualified” candidates, they assume, will consider the position beneath them, will quickly become disillusioned with their lower station in the corporate world, and will soon be leaving for greener pastures

New Environment Requires New Approach to Training

Companies spend more money in the quest for customers than on any other aspect of their business A big chunk of that expense is invested in sales, especially the recruitment, compensation, and training of sales people When hiring a new salesperson, it makes sense to squeeze as much return on investment as possible from sales

Hiring Sales Leaders from Outside Brings Advantages

When faced with the need to hire a new sales manager, it is natural to consider the company’s best salesperson After all, he obviously is doing something right It is reasonable to assume that in a management role, removed from internal competition, he will be willing and able to share his techniques to make everyone

Think Strategically to Obtain Crucial Skills

As healthcare companies constantly seek ways to cut costs, they will insist their doctors and nurses spend their time on actual patient care and less on administrative tasks Administrators, in turn, will be asked to take on even more varied tasks, making those with extensive experience, competencies, and problem-solving skills precious commodities   Read More

Interviewers: Dig Deep to Find Treasured Employees

Recruiting specialists and human resources professionals constantly remind job applicants that preparation is the key to a successful interview, but hiring managers and other interviewers should take their own advice to increase their success of hiring the ideal candidate Like directions on a treasure map, preparation – digging into the job requirements and exploring candidate’s

Reduce Turnover To Save Money and Create Stability

Financial executives and managers often focus on reducing turnover as a way to save money for their companies They know losing a key employee costs the firm in several ways  Read More

Match Sales Compensation to Product, Strategy

Common sense tells us that the more lucrative the compensation plan, the stronger the candidates for a sales position But the best plan one company develops may not work for another firm   Read More

Innovative Leadership Requires New Skills

Hospitals and other  in Healthcarecare providers must continually adapt to dynamic regulatory, legal, technological and other challenges Many are taking  Read More

To Succeed in Hiring, Make Recruiters Partners

Working with an executive recruiter offers several advantages for a company in need of a CFO or other high-ranking financial manager: Access to “hidden” candidates, industry expertise, time savings, and more  Read More

Include Employees in Hiring Decisions

It is important that employees embrace and fit into your healthcare organizational culture It’s even more critical that they fit into the employee culture Read More