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Match Sales Compensation to Product, Strategy

Common sense tells us that the more lucrative the compensation plan, the stronger the candidates for a sales position But the best plan one company develops may not work for another firm   Read More

Innovative Leadership Requires New Skills

Hospitals and other  in Healthcarecare providers must continually adapt to dynamic regulatory, legal, technological and other challenges Many are taking  Read More

To Succeed in Hiring, Make Recruiters Partners

Working with an executive recruiter offers several advantages for a company in need of a CFO or other high-ranking financial manager: Access to “hidden” candidates, industry expertise, time savings, and more  Read More

Include Employees in Hiring Decisions

It is important that employees embrace and fit into your healthcare organizational culture It’s even more critical that they fit into the employee culture Read More  

Finding Employee Keepers

Q:  I run a small business that’s growing quickly I’m expanding my staff but have been hiring people who look great on paper but when it comes to getting along with the team or fitting in with the company culture, they are a bust There have been four people in the last three months who

Investing for Tomorrow Pays Dividends Today

Business executives can be forgiven for not wanting to think about a key employee leaving the firm They cannot, however, be forgiven for not planning how to deal with such an eventuality Planning for changes in the sales leadership environment not only will pay off when the time comes, it also will allow companies to

Hire Salespeople Who Fit Company Structure

The way you organize your sales team and structure their activities plays an integral role in the type of salesperson who will be successful in your firm To maximize your chance of hiring a great representative, align your company’s organizational structure with its business model, and then hire candidates with the skills to match Read

Top Salespeople Respond to Sales Pitches

The search for solid salespeople itself requires a healthy dose of salesmanship Much like the presentations you’ll be hiring salespeople to deliver, recruitment pitches should be approached with a progression of goals in mind Read More

Negotiation-Getting What You Deserve

  You aced your interview You love the company The hiring manager calls, tells you the position’s salary It’s a bit lower than you hoped and expected, but you accept and report to work on Monday What is wrong with this picture Read More  

Elevate Finance to Strategic Advantage

  Most companies respect and rely on their Finance Departments for dozens of daily duties: controlling expenses, investing assets, managing payroll, etc Industry innovators, however, want to attract finance professionals who possess skills not only in these operational duties, but in strategic leadership as well Read More