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Elevate Finance to Strategic Advantage

  Most companies respect and rely on their Finance Departments for dozens of daily duties: controlling expenses, investing assets, managing payroll, etc Industry innovators, however, want to attract finance professionals who possess skills not only in these operational duties, but in strategic leadership as well Read More

Benchmark Candidates against Top Employees

If you were asked to describe an elephant, you would probably conjure up a mental image of a wrinkly gray pachyderm If you were asked to describe the perfect hospital administrator, your mental eye probably would focus on one or more of your current employees Read More

In Hiring, Prefer Potential over Competence

In Hiring, Prefer Potential over Competence

Companies looking for new talent will never be able to find candidates who possess experiences and skill development that have prepared them to meet the exact challenges that will face them in their new position Yet, most firms favor job applicants whose have demonstrated competence in their past work responsibilities Read More…  

Creative Reference Checks Yield Complete Candidate Picture

Creative Reference Checks Yield Complete Candidate Picture

Finance Department employees perform delicate duties, manage valuable assets, and access sensitive information It is imperative that employers build a comprehensive picture of candidates they are considering to fill Finance Department vacancies Unfortunately, in today’s politically correct world, few employers are willing to speak ill of former workers    More …  

Turn The Tables on Your Interviewer


In Sales, Choose Aptitude over Experience

Relevant experience is a common requirement in “help wanted” advertisements, but when it comes to sales, just what is relevant Perhaps even more important, why do companies so covet experienced salespeople Read More

Holistic Hiring in Higher Education

Even as educators continue to debate the practicality and effectiveness of holistic college admissions processes, human resources experts agree that conducting comprehensive employment application reviews is the best way to build vibrant, diverse, complementary,  compatible faculty and staff Read More

Health Care Executive Recruiting Tips

Keep the Healthcare Executive Talent Pipeline Flowing

Quizzing Employment Candidates on Real Life Situations

Quizzing Employment Candidates on Real Life Situations

The goal of any employment interview is to discover how a candidate will perform in his/her new environment Traditionally, interviewers have tried to predict on-the-job behavior by analyzing applicants’ explanations of how they achieved results in past similar situations Read More

Corporate Interview Guidelines

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 18, 2008 Media Contact: Ann E Zaslow-Rethaber (888) 866-7276 Home Executive Recruiter Offers Guidelines To Corporate Interviewers Tempe, AZ – Nov 18, 2008 –Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a structured interviewing plan when it comes to finding the most qualified candidates for your open positions,” says Ann E Zaslow-Rethaber of International …