Infographic; 6 Telltale Signs You Are Dealing With a Potential Bad Hire!

After talking in-depth with multiple  hiring managers over the years that have made bad hires, and conducting 'autopsies'  on those situations, we have identified 6 clear-cut indicators that should make you think twice, prior to proceeding. It is a fair assumption that while dating and interviewing, people will be on…...

How Curiosity Energizes Team Members

I asked a question that drained a leader’s energy. She’s facing new challenges and feels trapped.Meeting challenges, seizing opportunities, and solving people-issues require energy. It’s true that serving in ways that align with your values and strengths has return on energy (ROE).   But there’s a limit.    Sourced through…...

The Chairman of Nokia on Managing His Replacement

The danger of being promoted is micromanaging your replacement.When you feel more skilled than your replacement… your replacement won’t do things ‘right’ because you ‘know’ how to do their job.On the other hand, you may feel threatened when asked to manage a highly skilled replacement.Source - Read More at:

The Science of Gratitude

The more you learn about gratitude, the more it becomes a magic elixir. Robert Emmons, one of the world’s leading experts on gratitude, says…Gratitude has the power to:Heal.Energize.Change lives.Source - Read More at: