Best Interview Practices; Quiz Candidates on Real-Life Situations

The goal of any employment interview is to discover how a candidate will perform in his new environment. Traditionally, interviewers try to predict

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Matching the interview process to the position is an important part of interviewing. If you are interviewing someone for what will be a long sales cycle with multiple steps, it is imperative to have a similar interview process.  If  you are interviewing someone for a position that requires great attention to detail, that will be something that would benefit from testing that particular skill set during the vetting process. In positions that require employees to make decisions on a case by case basis, conducting SITUATIONAL INTERVIEWS can be worth their weight in gold, in terms of the information that it gives you with regards to how this particular candidate will react in specific circumstances. Give some thought to the types of situations that will require your employee to make a decision, and then try to replicate that during the interview process, in order to get a crystal clear view to what you can expect if you hire this candidate.